Red Ladder

photo by Peter Merts

Photos by Peter Merts.

Sam began work with the Red Ladder Theatre Company in 2017 and has since co-facilitated workshops in seven state prison facilities across California.  Red Ladder is an improvisational ensemble which focuses on sharing its skills with disenfranchised populations.  In RLTC prison programs, participants spend six weeks building skills such as object and character work and six weeks using those skills to devise and perform an hour-long show on topics of their choice.  Sam is proud to have worked alongside incarcerated men and women to produce shows that re-engaged participants with their creativity and opened-up conversations about cyber-bullying, gun control, racism, poverty, and privilege (amongst other topics).  Participants leave with a certificate, a copy of the script they devised, and the pride of having rehearsed for a healthy life.

For more information about Red Ladder and the work they do with rehabilitation, please visit the company website here and check out the work they’ve been doing during during the pandemic below.


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