Shoggoths on the Veldt, 2019

Sam began directing at Saint Mary’s College with her largest project being Death, Murder, Chaos, and Death: A Shakespeare Play, which she wrote herself.  Since then, she has co-directed 36 productions of the Missoula Children’s Theatre’s Blackbeard the Pirate and 9 productions of MCT’s Cinderella with students grades K-12.  At the California Theatre Center, Sam directed four month-long conservatory shows including the intermediate conservatory production The Two Harlequins which she also adapted herself.  In these conservatory shows, Sam was responsible for creating blocking, basic set design, make up design, and sound design in addition to working with the young performers in rehearsal from day to day.

Sam’s most recent project with adults was assistant directing Shoggoths on the Veldt at the Dragon Theatre in Redwood City.  She is also pleased to have had her work appear at the Barnyard Theatre New Play Festival and City Lights Theatre Company’s 2017 Light’s Up Festival.

Sam enjoys creating worlds with actors, whether they are children or adults, and is always excited to see brave choices being made.

Photo by Lance Huntley.

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